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don’t tell me what to dooooo

nekokat42 antwan-the-annon From a rather late night discussion

nekokat42 antwan-the-annon 

From a rather late night discussion


it makes me sad when i see ppl compare themselves to others

like i do it a lot and i know it’s really inevitable but like

please bruh the only one you should be comparing yourself to is you, look at how much you’ve improved since all those years or even months ago

in a while from now you’ll probably be as good or better than those you look up to so don’t give up ok

Okay going to tone down the bara on Leo from now on, it was nice and all but I think if I keep this up I’ll never be able to draw him properly anymore and yeah
Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted

I really wish I could draw digitally
Like I keep seeing others art and getting like inspired and all hyped to draw and then a second later I realize “oh wait no laptop, no digital art.”

Blushing lion men and a little Leo

I can’t tell if I’ve gotten better at drawing or worse

The “I’m so done with you” face from yours truly

The “I’m so done with you” face from yours truly

Caught up on a lot of much needed sleep
Blehh I miss my laptop

I took a nap listening to alternative music…is it mid 2000’s again wow